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Dear listeners,


Since we are receiving more and more messages about it, we want to let you know we are looking into an opportunity to offer our debut album \'Emergence\' on VINYL!


However, it requires quite the investment on our part and we first need to know if there is enough enthusiasm for this plan. So if you are interested, please let us know by posting on our Facebook page, or sending us a message/pm on YT, Bandcamp or pretty much any other place you can find us!

And of course please share this news with your friends, we cannot do this without you!


Kindest regards from Shylmagoghnar


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We are excited to let you know that the recordings for our second full-length album, Transience, have started! There is still lots to be done and no estimations of when it will be finished, but we will be giving it our all.


For more news updates and pictures of the production, please follow us on Facebook!

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The official full TABS and MIDI of the opening song "I Am the Abyss" are now available!

Grab them for free HERE!

 The tab is written in Guitar Pro 5 without RSE, so disable RSE if things sounds weird.

PDF versions of the guitar and bass are also included, in case you prefer those. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.

Feel free to use or share this tab/MIDI in any way you want, as long as you give us credit and it's for non-profit purposes. For other purposes, please don't hesitate to send us a private message or e-mail.


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Today we celebrate the anniversary of our debut to the metal world!
As we've said before, we have been very satisfied with how things went... and we don't plan to stop any time soon.

 So far we have mainly been giving updates and news surrounding Emergence, but we don't just want to dwell on the past forever. Now that a year has passed, we think it is time to also let you in on our activities and plans surrounding future works every now and then, starting here.


Here is what has been happening so far:

-We have decided to keep working as an independent 2-man studio band for now. This setup has been working well for us and we are looking forward to continue our path this way.

-Writing of songs for the next album (and possibly thereafter) has not stopped since the release of our debut. While we prefer not to share work before we feel it reflects our intended quality, pieces of the puzzle are definitely gathering! It's only a matter of time before they start falling into place.

-While the Emergence album was mainly themed by apocalysm and the admiration of nature, it currently looks like the underlying theme of the next album will be the transience of life. Therefore, in line with the previous album, its working title is “Transience”.

-The song “Journey Through the Fog”, of which an old bare-bones demo can be found on Youtube, will most likely be on this album. It is of course subject to heavy change. For example, it is planned to have vocals, and it should become less repetitive.

-We think it might be interesting to show you some snippets/pictures of how we're doing things in our little studio and around it in the future.


That's it for now. Thank you all for your support, we are looking forward to bringing you more in the future! \m/

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Towards the end of last year we were approached by the Uruguayan RISE! METAL E-Zine for a rather in-depth interview. We gladly agreed to this opportunity and the result is now available. The interview is particularly aimed at our South American friends and it is in Spanish, but of course we don't want to exclude the rest of you so we'll be including the original English transcript too.

Spanish main page:
English text download:

Additionally, Gonzalo Deubelbeis has written a (Spanish) review to the album. Thank you very much again for your comprehensive coverage Gonzalo!

Many thanks to the people at RISE! METAL for having us – it was a pleasure working with you!