T-Shirts are here! Or maybe you prefer a sweater?

We are excited to inform you we are now selling Shylmagoghnar clothing and other merchandise through Spreadshirt in Europe and America.

EU-based shop: http://shylmagoghnar.spreadshirt.net/
US-based shop: http://shylmagoghnar.spreadshirt.com/

Spreadshirt is a supply-on-demand service which prints a product as soon as it's ordered. This is very practical for both you and us, as it allows us to offer designs on a much greater range of products and sizes (and at a better price point) than would otherwise be possible for a small independent band like ours. Base prices of items are calculated by Spreadshirt and we receive a commission for every order.

So take your pick and we hope you enjoy!

ATTENTION: Please read the return policy and reference the size chart carefully before ordering! Products are manufactured and delivered directly by Spreadshirt to you; we are only responsible for the designs.